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Workstation and Server Patch Management for all your Endpoints

Evaluate, test, and apply OS and app patches enterprise-wide. We are a local IT Service Company in the state of Maine. We offer End to End IT Solutions, allowing us to cover every aspect of our client’s technology needs.

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Workstation and Server Patch Management for All Your Endpoints

Evaluate, test, and apply OS and app patches enterprise-wide.

Many businesses today have complex information technology (IT) infrastructures, having many devices like computer, tablet, mobile phone, server, routers, and switches. All of these devices have different configuration requirements and to make matters more complexed if they are not centrally managed and don’t follow any configuration management guidelines then every device is different in your company. This can create many unforeseen problems causing system failure to perform even the simplest troubleshooting tasks.

Configuration management can take a lot of the difficulty out of managing your information technology (IT) infrastructure. Take back all of the time you have wasted on managing your IT and let Pegas Technology Solutions help you with your configuration management.

Configuration Management Provides For:

  • Easier management of network and endpoint devices
  • Easier collaboration between staff and departments
  • Rapidly provision new devices
  • Rapidly recover from system failures
  • Always know the configuration of a device
  • Easy version control for serve

Benefits of Desktop and Server Patch Management


By monitoring your server 24/7 we are constantly on the lookout of system inutility and exploits. We are vigilant about emerging vulnerabilities, and exploits. This allows us to proactively secure the system before an exploit and affect the system.

Conflict Resolution

When patching a system with a new update there is a chance that a misconfiguration could break the server. So before we just install we test the update first. We maintain a test lab for our clients and we examine an update before it is applied to maintain system stability.

Contact us today to start your Free 60 Day Managed IT Services trial. Using these services could change your business overnight. We empower your employee’s and give management better insights into the business.

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