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WSO2: An Open Source Integration System

WSO2 is one of the top open source business integration systems for any modern business that is trying to integrate multiple enterprise applications.

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What is WOS2 and How Can It Help Your Business?

In today’s world, digital agility is one of the prime factors in determining the position of businesses in the consumer market. Businesses compete in a never-ending battle as they strive to gain a competitive edge and engage in digital transformation. WSO2 is an open-source technology provider that understands this need of businesses better than most. This revolutionizing setup aims to increase the agility of digital businesses and enterprises. It enables connecting and reusing existing IT assets and systems; these systems are implemented using heterogeneous technologies, which primarily involves Web Services, Micro Services, HTTP, JMS, JDBC and more. The enterprise service bus encompasses a wide array of enterprise integration patterns, which include service chaining, multiple services can be connected via stores and forward and compose value-added services in quick time. Additionally, WSO2 has many benefits, the most important one being its deployment.

WSO2 provides its users with the luxury of deploying anywhere, meaning on-premise, cloud or docker. Let’s not forget, despite where it is being implemented, WSO2 does not discriminate when it comes to providing the best experience. Seamless developer experience is guaranteed on all the deployment options. Additionally, it caters to different needs, such as the requirements demanded by real-time analytics along with batch mode analytics. It provides superior monitoring and analytics capabilities for both the analytics. Furthermore, to ensure credible delivery, WSO2 offers comprehensive documentation, tutorials, training materials with additional help such as lab kits.

WSO2 Benefits

Task Scheduling

One of the key benefits provided by WSO2 is task scheduling. This feature enables support for managing recurrent tasks via ESB. It permits the user to allow periodic updates and these tasks scheduled as cron daemons or as simple recurring tasks.

Event Broker

Implementing event-driven architecture or commonly referred as EDA has never been easier. The built-in Qpid broker acts as an events broker making it easy to implement the integration of the enterprise.

Financial Information eXchange

Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol enables the financial sector integration while Hessian binary web service protocol supports binary message formats. AMQP, VFS, and JMS.

Security baked in

What’s more, is it protects brands from security threats. It takes measure to lessen exploitation of vulnerabilities present in the system along with keeping a key point of entry.

ESB Bus Management

The server management feature enables the ability to shut down and restart the enterprise service bus, either gracefully or forcefully.

Data Driven Decisions

WSO2 also enables businesses to make beneficial decisions by providing them with key insight and data-driven reports.

How WSO2 can help your Business.

WSO2 Enterprise Integration

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WSO2 API Management

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WSO2 Identity and Access Management

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WSO2 Analytics

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