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Explore Automotive IT solutions provided by Pegas that can increase your customer’s satisfaction, maximize sales, and improve your businesses efficiency.

It has become essential for the automobile manufacturers, service providers, dealers and suppliers to start utilizing cloud service for their business, which is capable of providing solutions to their biggest business challenges. They need to be able to connect with the customers and partners in a secure and reliable manner. By using the cloud automotive business will be able to streamline and eliminate the need to have a lot of internal resources.

Explore How We are Helping the Automotive Industry with Managed Services

Improve efficiency

You can take control over expenses and enhance the bottom line, while reducing hassle linked with day to day data center operations. When you partner with us, we can monitor and manage all your business-critical applications throughout the day.

Improve online experiences

You can provide a better service to your customers and enhance customer loyalty with our assistance. We provide secure and reliable e-commerce solutions. We have experts across all major e-commerce platforms, including SAP Hybrid, Magento and Oracle Commerce.

Better performance

The cloud can provide you with all the computational resources that you need, whenever you need. Whether you need extra computational power or additional storage space, you can get it on-demand. Therefore, you can run without the typical constraints in data centers.

Innovate and Collaborate

We will help you to connect with your internal teams across the cloud and collaborate in an effective manner. In addition, you can also connect with your external partners, such as dealerships and suppliers.

The services that we offer for the automotive industry

Managed hosting

We provide fully managed hosting services to you. We guarantee uptime and performance 24x7.

Hybrid cloud

You can get our assistance and connect private clouds and private clouds to experience utmost flexibility.

Managed cloud

We will be able to run all your applications on the cloud and benefit your staff with their activities.

ERP consulting

We can provide you with the best ERP consulting services to you and help you reduce TCO.

E-commerce hosting

We can host all your mission-critical applications on our cloud and provide you with the best benefit out of them.

Web content management

We also provide comprehensive web content management services. All you have to do is to focus on customer experiences offered.

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