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Over the past decade, Information Technology has revolutionized education. Remote learning resources, simulation software, and highly advanced learning management systems have helped shape these trends. Your institution deserves best in class software applications, hardware resources, and security solutions. We have carefully curated several solutions to help meet the needs of modern education. Take a moment to compare these to your own needs and then give us a call when you’re ready

Explore Education Institution IT solutions provided by Pegas that can increase your customer’s satisfaction, maximize sales, and improve your businesses efficiency.

A managed IT service is an IT operation being carried out by a contractual party. In a managed IT service, the service provider holds duty regarding the provision of the IT functions and equipment, and the client pays a nominal expense for receipt of the service. A managed IT service accompanies a service level agreement (SLA), which is the agreement between the service provider and the client. The SLA recognizes what benefits the provider will furnish and a measure of how successfully the service is being provided

Large educational Institutes gives a great challenge to the partner in collaboration. People are connected to a single network and through multiple devices. This arises the need for incredibly sophisticated and efficient software applications, hardware and high storage databases. Doesn’t this task sound bit stressful? Teachers strive to create a learning environment for their students. Educational institutions’ IT staff work hard to make the most of their structural technology investment. To give IT staff a favorable environment to achieve educational goals, an infrastructure that runs efficiently is needed.

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Remediate Issues Before They Happen

Take a proactive approach with innovation methodology and guarantee uptime, constantly. Leveraging real-time analytics and automation can remediate issues before they happen, decreases incidents, and allows Internal IT department more room to concentrate on everyday operations.

Access to IT Professional

Managed service providers employ highly qualified personnel with a variety of skills and expertise, giving customers access to their areas of expertise, such as security, disaster recovery, and server management.

Backup and Recovery

The backup of a company’s network and storage is necessary in the case of some damage coming to it or data being lost. IT service providers provide numerous backup solutions as well as recovery solutions so the data is always safe and can be recovered if it is lost.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disaster recovery is the soul of the Managed Service Provider (MSP). They have composed systems and data centers that are accessible and resilient for keeping a business up and operating well into the future.

Cost Savings

Hiring managed services offers a lot in the form of cost savings. The retailer will not have to pay repair costs, staffing costs or energy charges. Losses in revenues due to a breakdown in IT functions will disappear.

Cloud Hosting

Managed IT services give reacquire the attention on tolerant care and raise benefit levels for the social insurance staff by outsourcing the Information Technology exercises. They give one of a kind Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud facilitating arrangements.

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