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Over the past decade, Information Technology has revolutionized education. Remote learning resources, simulation software, and highly advanced learning management systems have helped shape these trends. Your institution deserves best in class software applications, hardware resources, and security solutions. We have carefully curated several solutions to help meet the needs of modern education. Take a moment to compare these to your own needs and then give us a call when you’re ready

Explore Education Institutions IT solutions provided by Pegas that can increase your customer’s satisfaction, maximize sales, and improve your businesses efficiency.

Today most educational Institutes need technology solutions to deliver online learning to their students, like learning management systems “Moodle, blackboard, etc”. This requires the schools to develop an agile IT infrastructure that can run software and database in high availability and at the same time meeting security and compliance requirement.
Teachers strive to create a learning environment for their students and educational institutions’ IT staff work hard to make the most of their technology investment. The team at Pegas Technology Solutions will help with your digital transformation and deliver your online course and technology resources you need, so you can focus on providing an education to your students.

Explore How We are Helping Education Institutions with Managed Services

Cost efficiency

Digital transformation can obviously help you to cut down the unwanted expenses. The traditional legacy applications and data centers often hold educational information based on legacy systems. We can help you to move them to the cloud. This can help you to cut down operational expenses while strengthening security.

Secure applications and data

You need to make sure that no unauthorized person can get hold of your data. With our dedicatedhosting environment, we can help you meet the strongest security standards, which can be used to manage and store your data effectively.

Consolidation and optimization

Your students are relying on the online services that you offer. Therefore, reliability, speed and uptime are extremely important. We can help you to ensure that. We will speed up your online learning services in an effective manner. Our migration specialists can also provide you with the chance to recognize the goals and realities of the school.

Online applications

Having outdated application for your students is never recommended. The students prefer to work with an application that runs on the online. It can provide them with effective and efficient results. You can ensure student get their work done with erase.

The services that we offer for Education Institutions

Managed hosting

We provide fully managed to host services, which are available 24 hours of the day.

Managed security services

You don’t need to worry about the security because of managed security services that protected from all sorts of threats.

Managed cloud

Our experts can help you implement and run all the applications within leading cloud platforms.

Managed applications

You can enhance the reliability and performance of all student-facing applications with the support that we provide.

Remote Support

We will help you with the chance to administer the environment remotely with 24-hour support.

Professional services

We can provide you with a large number of professional IT services, which align with your business strategy that help you get more done.

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