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Modern Law Firms benefit from an array of specific tools to streamline and enhance the process of legal counsel. Get comprehensive solutions that cover the gaps in your practice. Save over expensive commercial products with state of the art open source solutions. Secure communications, great looking modern website platforms, and cutting-edge office management software, the list goes on. Take a look below to get a better picture of what we can offer you and your team

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Managed IT services refer to the practice in which information and technology management services are outsourced to a third-party company. The services provided by these partner companies usually depend on the demand that the client makes but some of the most common services include technical support, online security systems, software management, virtual training, proactive monitoring services and much more.

Running and maintenance of an internal IT system is not only challenging for any law firm but also very costly. As most of the lawyers and associates are busy with legal and case related works and don’t have time to focus on the development of an internal IT department. This is why law firms should consider getting third-party specialist companies to manage their IT services for them.

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Skilled IT Professionals

Most small-scale and medium-sized law firms don’t have budgets to hire skilled IT specialists to form an internal IT department. The lack of funds often forces them to hire people who lack the skills necessary to manage such an important task. This can have major consequences such as loss of data or hacking attempts on computers containing important files. One of the biggest advantages of getting managed services is that these companies have highly skilled people who are experts at what they do. They are familiar with the latest technology and know how to use it to improve the performance of any setup. They are not only a less costly option, as compared to setting up an internal IT system, they are also better at the job.

Flexibility and Cost Effective

Another benefit of managed IT services is that they can be easily tailored according to your firm’s need. These companies understand that different types of law firms have different needs when it comes to IT support. That is why they offer a variety of different packages and some companies even give you the liberty of making a custom package according to your needs. Most firms worry about paying for the things that they don’t exactly need. When you team up with a reputed managed service they give you a number of different options and even guide you into selecting the package that will best serve your needs.

Help to Internal IT Departments

Some of the big law firms who have well established internal IT departments can still benefit from managed IT services. These services can help in the improvement of these internal departments by sharing their workload and give them additional hardware support. As managed services have their own servers and other important hardware they can lend these services to the internal department so that the law firm doesn’t have to invest more inexpensive hardware. These services can also help you by backing up all your data on a cloud-based secured network, so only authorized personnel can retrieve it making case related sensitive information even more secure. They can also be used to provide support and guidance to your internal IT department in case of any issues.

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